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I remember well, the year was 1981 when I received my first “real camera”, a Canon AL-1 35mm film camera. In fact, I still have it sitting on my dresser to this very day. I also remember quickly  finding the “auto mode” dial and I pretty much never even looked at what other features my camera had. I seemed content for years to just take what the camera decided to capture. Maybe I didn’t have the patience, the passion or the energy to take it to the next level. Heck back then I don’t think I even knew there was a “next level”.  

Eventually my trusty Canon was replaced with a myriad of point-and-shoot digital cameras and the desire or even need to understand digital photographed faded away with the fact I could take a picture and be done with it. I, like nearly everyone else, took a ton of pictures. 

Several years ago I stumbled upon a book in a box that I had packed away decades ago. As outdated as it was I found myself patient enough to read it. Truth be told I was disappointed that I had not taken the time to understand its contents years and years ago. In a nutshell, it encouraged me to consider to no longer take “pictures” but to craft a “photograph”. Since then I have learned what a magical difference there is between pictures and photographs. 

Flash forward. I have been blessed to have had the ability and desire to slow my life down and actually invest time in honing my style and skills as a photographer. Couple that with my ability to finally be able to financially invest in photography equipment (I have switched to Nikon!) and well, Frankly Visual Photography was born. 

I wake up each day with the burning desire to photograph whatever I can get in front of my camera lens. The geek side of me (yes I am a geek) is like a kid at Christmas waiting to edit my digital images. What a great combination that is! I am excited about the opportunity to share my skills, passion and energy with you!