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My Services

It is safe to say that I, like so many others, am having a love affair with photography. Over the last several years I have been blessed to have taken what was once purely a hobby and convert it to a profession. Simply put - I can't take enough photographs. Although the subject matter of my photography is diverse, if I am being honest, my favorite photograph is a portrait filled with expression and personality.

High School Seniors

For me, portrait photography often finds me hanging out with the coolest of cool high school seniors, helping create a fun SENIOR EXPERIENCE. Senior Experience sessions are $199. Touch bases with me for more details.

All About Love

Engagement, weddings, couples, families, it is really all about love (not to get all mushy). What an honor to be able to capture those priceless moments.

Studio Photography

Studio photography can afford a photographer the opportunity to work in a more controlled environment. It becomes all about the close-up portrait and I love it!


Photography can capture a moment a time that otherwise may be forgotten. Capturing my own personal moments, well that inspires me. I like to share my inspiration as often as I can.

Drone Photography

The sky is the limit for drone photography! It is fun, challenging and sometimes you catch a one-of-a-kind photograph.